Promoting Partnerships for the Future of the Ocean, Coasts and Great Lakes

Since 1997, NOPP has leveraged Federal investments and fostered the development of interagency research initiatives that transcend single-agency mandates and resource limitations in the common pursuit of knowledge and wise use of the ocean, coasts and Great Lakes.

The National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP) is a Federally mandated initiative that coordinates and develops collaborative ocean research efforts among Federal, state and tribal governments, academia, private industry, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Under the interagency guidance of the NOPP, these sectors are able to form partnerships that more efficiently pursue the Nation’s most pressing research needs on ocean science and technology priorities. NOPP investments span a broad range of issues in oceanographic research and exploration, education, maritime safety, data- and sampling-technologies, and marine resource management.

Working together, NOPP has driven the establishment of global ocean observation systems, the advancement of weather forecasting technologies, and the introduction of continental shelf surveys, ecosystem mapping, renewable energy exploration, and successful marine science education programs.