ORAP Meetings

The ORAP meets regularly to advise on policies and procedures to implement NOPP and provide recommendations to the National Ocean Council on interagency activities as considered appropriate. Its Sub-panels meet as needed. All meetings are open to the public. Documents from these meetings can be found through the links listed below.


The next ORAP meeting will be held in spring 2014. Further details to follow.


December 2013 ORAP Meeting

October 2013 ORAP Meeting

August 2013 ORAP Meeting

May 2013 ORAP Meeting

January 2013 ORAP Meeting

August 2012 ORAP Meeting

April 2011 ORAP Meeting

March-May 2011 ORAP Conference Calls on the National Ocean Council Strategic Action Plans

December 2010 ORAP Meeting

July 2010 ORAP Meeting

March 2010 ORAP Meeting

November 2009 ORAP Meeting

August 2009 ORAP Meeting

April 2009 ORAP Meeting

December 2008 ORAP Meeting

October 2008 and November 2008 ORAP conference calls

August 2008 ORAP Meeting

June 2008 ORAP Ocean Observing Sub-panel meeting

April 2008 ORAP Meeting


Please click here for meetings prior to 2008.

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