ORAP Releases Offshore Renewable Energy Final Report

The Ocean Research Advisory Panel (ORAP) Industry Sub-panel held a workshop on 24-25 May 2011 titled “Offshore Renewable Energy: Accelerating the Decision-Making Process”, to discuss the growing issues surrounding renewable ocean energy development; the final report resulting from this workshop is available here.

The workshop brought together individuals with real-world experience to discuss the difficulties facing the development process, beginning with consideration of a site for development and concluding with receipt of final approval to begin in-water operations.

The workshop consisted of seven panels on various topics, three keynote speakers, and ample time for open discussion among participants, which included federal agency representatives alongside members of industry. The workshop resulted in key recommendations for actions the National Ocean Council should take to achieve near-term progress on this critical national need. Many of the recommendations made at this workshop are closely aligned with the ORAP’s recommendations from “Priorities for the Incoming Administration.”