NOPP Program Update: October 2012

NOPP Office staff attended and hosted an exhibit booth at the MTS/IEEE Oceans ’12 Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia from 15-18 October.  NOPP was pleased to host an awards ceremony honoring the 2011 Excellence in Partnering Awardees on Monday, 14 October.  Co-PI Dr. Chuck Fisher from Pennsylvania State University gave a wonderful presentation on the Lophelia II research project and he was joined in receiving the award by his Co-PI Dr. Jim Brooks from TDI-Brooks International Inc.  NOPP also hosted a marine renewable energy session, Developing Protocols and Monitoring to Support Ocean Renewable Energy Stewardship on Wednesday, 17 October. Three NOPP-funded scientists gave presentations on their research:

  • Baseline and Monitoring Studies for Ocean Renewable Energy on the U.S. West Coast – Steven Kopf, Pacific Energy Ventures;
  • As Assessment of Offshore Wind Turbine Visibility in the United Kingdom – Robert Sullivan, Argonne National Laboratory; and
  • Best Management Practices for Subseabed Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide – Becky Smyth, The University of Texas at Austin.

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