Recent Publication from NOPP-Funded Marine Mammal Research

The NOPP Office would like to congratulate Dr. Christopher Clark from the Cornell Bioacoustics Research Program, Dr. Leila Hatch from NOAA’s Stellwagon Bank National Marine Sanctuary, and their colleagues on their recent publication in Conservation Biology titled “Quanitifing Loss of Acoustic Communication Space for Right Whales In and Around a U.S. National Marine Sanctuary.”  This research is the result of a 2007 NOPP-funded study between Cornell University, the Stellwagon Bank National Marine Sanctuary, Marine Acoustics, Inc.,  and NOAA Fisheries focused on understanding the impacts of anthropogenic sounds on the communications of marine mammals such as the North Atlantic Right Whale.

This research was recently highlighted in Subsea World News.  The full article can be found here.

The NOPP Office once again would like to congratulate this team on their successful research and recent publication!