Follow-on Research Article to the Attaining an Operational Marine Biodiversity Observation Network NOPP-Hosted Workshop to be Published in BioScience

Members of the steering committee from the 2010 NOPP-hosted workshop Attaining an Operational Marine Biodiversity Observation Network have published an article in BioScience outlining the need and plan for a Marine Biodiversity Observation Network.  The authors suggest that while no extensive marine biodiversity monitoring program currently exists, one is needed to promote and effectively manage the ocean’s health and its ecosystem services that humans depend on.  The expert authors aim to summarize examples of how to leverage existing data and infrastructure in order to maximize the marine biodiversity observation network’s effectiveness at integrating all biological levels and monitoring in an adaptive manner to address emerging issues related to ecosystem management.

In 2010, the Interagency Working Group on Ocean Partnership’s (IWG-OP) Biodiversity Ad Hoc Group hosted a workshop on Attaining Operational Marine Biodiversity Observations.  The new publication builds on the workshop, and references the workshop synthesis report, by highlighting specific examples and recommendations that can be used to develop and implement a comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (BON).

The American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) issued a press release announcing the publication, and also provides a link to the full pre-publication article, due in print in May.