NOPP Program Update: November/ December 2016

In November, the NOPP Office awarded the 2016 Excellence in Partnering (EiP) Award to the project, National Marine Sanctuaries as Sentinel Sites for a Demonstration Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON).  The NOPP EiP award is meant to recognize the strong partnerships that have been built over time and acknowledge their important contributions to the U.S. oceanographic community.  The projects are evaluated based on these six characteristics:

  1. Ocean sector diversity among partners;
  2. Level of effort/involvement by partners;
  3. Long-term commitment of partners beyond the NOPP-funding period;
  4. The success of the partnership in meeting its project objectives;
  5. Impact of the effort on ocean research and/or education; and
  6. Distinguishing characteristics of the partnership that contributed to its success.

We congratulate the MBON team for their tremendous work and efforts in making this project such a major success.

In other exciting news, the NOPP Office welcomed the Fall 2016 Science & Policy Communications Fellow, Joanna Peth, as a full-time Program Coordinator in November!

The NOPP exhibit booth at the 2016 AGU Meeting complete with beautiful visuals, informational brochures, and swag!

The NOPP Office facilitated a November and December meeting with the NOPP Committee to discuss the status of potential Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) topics, which are expected to be widely distributed in early 2017.

Additionally, the NOPP Office traveled to San Francisco for the annual American Geophysical Union (AGU) Meeting. The NOPP Office hosted a booth in the exhibitor hall to promote the organization and network with current, and potential future, NOPP partners.

Finally, the NOPP Office celebrated reaching over 1,000 followers on Twitter (@thenopp), but don’t forget to follow us on Instagram (@nopp_org) and Facebook too!